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Family Dentist Dr. JoAnn Martens: Putting Children at Ease

JoAnn Martens, DDS, LLC, is a family dentist with many years of experience treating both children and adults, from the ages of 3 to 103. Because Dr. Martens had a fear of the dentist as a child, she understands the anxiety that many children (and adults) feel when they are due for a dentist visit — but she can turn that fear around, thanks to her caring, patient demeanor that carries through to her staff as well. At the family dentistry practice of Dr. Martens, the dentist and her staff are dedicated to caring for children’s teeth and overall oral health, from age 3 through their teenage years and beyond, while helping them feel at ease.

How Does Dental Treatment Differ for Kids and Adults?

Children have different oral health needs than adults. They may not yet have a full set of their primary teeth when they start visiting Dr. Martens, or they may practice certain childhood habits that can affect their dental health, such as sucking their thumb or fingers. Children may benefit from fluoride or sealant treatment or require orthodontic work as they enter adolescence.

In addition, young children may have a hard time sitting still in the dentist’s chair, or, as mentioned above, they may feel scared of going to the dentist. Dr. Martens has special dental tools and techniques that are designed with children in mind, to make the entire experience as quick and easy as possible.

When Should Kids Visit the Dentist for the First Time?

Dr. Martens likes to see children and encourages them to seek routine dental treatment as soon as they have all of their baby teeth. One reason is that tooth decay (also called dental caries, or cavities) is the most common chronic disease among kids between the ages of 6 and 11 and among adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19. Another important reason for children to start visiting Dr. Martens early on in life is that it helps establish good oral hygiene habits early, so they can maintain a healthy smile over a lifetime.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Dr. Martens offers comprehensive dental care for children, including:

  • Regular dental exams for children beginning at age 3
  • Assessments of the risk of tooth decay in both mother and child
  • Preventative treatments, including routine cleanings, fluoride treatments and dental sealants
  • Nutrition recommendations for sound oral (and general) health
  • Habit counseling, such as recommendations about thumb or finger sucking or pacifier use
  • Cavity fillings
  • Dental trauma repair, such as restoring a damaged tooth or one that has been knocked out
  • Early evaluation and treatment of crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Gum health assessments and recommendations

Help Your Child Maintain Sound Oral Health

The journey to achieving and maintaining good oral health starts early. Help your child achieve a healthy, beautiful smile by establishing sound oral hygiene habits early on in life; this includes visiting the dentist regularly from about the age of 3 through the golden years.

Dr. Martens offers concierge dental care, so she is able to provide one-on-one patient care from your child’s first office visit through their hundredth. She is a Delta Dental insurance Premier provider, and her experienced front office staff is always happy to answer any insurance questions you may have. She is always accepting new patients, so please contact her office by calling (608) 849-4424 to schedule a dental appointment for your child or yourself.